I’m still playing major catch up from January because I have been busy as all hell, so it has been a while since I saw this.

Watching the trailer I thought it looked like soppy oscar bait and not much more but this film startled me.Telling the story of a boy who gets separated from his family in India and his journey to being adopted and then tracking down his family with google maps, this is not only a true story but a total tear jerker. I was crying for the majority of this film which is fairly unusual for me (although its happening more often recently), this was such a deeply affecting film held together by some great performances. Sunny Pawar as the young Saroo may have been the sweetest child ever put on film with the talent to back it up, Dev Patel does a really good job as the older Saroo, Nicole Kidman is also as usual fantastic and Rooney Mara gives a nice turn in a role that doesn’t have much meat but she does a great job with it and its nice to see her play a character who’s more light than usual. In general the casting was fantastic, I cant think of a single weak performance in this film, even the small actors and it was nice to see some Indian talent which I wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to.

The formal elements of the film (ie, cinematography, costume design, editing, sound etc) didn’t stand out to me in any way as particularly special but I don’t think they needed to. The film told an incredibly emotional story well and it wasn’t about the visual aural aspects which could have been distracting.


Sorry that this is so rushed and undetailed, its been a few weeks since I watched this and I have watched a lot of other stuff in that time, either way, I loved this film and it made me cry a lot and I’d highly recommend it.


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