This was the first film I watched in the new year (not including La La Land on NYE), and so far it’s probably my favourite film I’ve seen in 2018 and one of my favourite 2017 releases. It tells the story of Emily Dickinson, an American poet in the mid 1800s who I knew absolutely nothing about before watching this, I just knew that Cynthia Nixon was meant to be very good in this (spoilers, she’s phenomenal!).

I wasn’t a huge fan of the actress playing young Emily Dickinson or, at first the way that the characters spoke only in witticisms as if they were in an Oscar Wilde play. That kind of dialogue soon filtered off or became less noticeable and on reflection (probably totally wrong), I started thinking about how people spoke so differently from us not so long ago, people didn’t um and ah or say like for a start. I considered that, especially for a woman of the time, you’d have to be much more considered in what you were going to say before you said it, and that that way of speaking would start to become second nature (again, this is all baseless speculation).

It can’t be easy to make a compelling film about a woman who famously locked herself away in her house for much of her life, and it also must be difficult to make such a film without portraying her quite negatively, especially as she starts to get more judgmental. But what stood out for me so much in this film and what I loved so much about it was how tender and kind it was, not just in the portrayal of Emily Dickinson but the relationships with her various family members. I felt like I really understood Nixon’s Emily the whole way through the film and her relationship with her sister was particularly refreshing in how openly and honestly they spoke to each other and took in what the other was saying. Its small but so nice.

I’m gonna wrap this up here because I said my posts would be shorter and also this one has ended up being total dogshit, but the main thing is, this film is amazing and you should totally just watch it! I feel as though I haven’t quite done it justice, it could well end up being one of my favourite films regardless of year, it really is just wonderful, it also has a cracking time jump scene so if nothing else can entice you, maybe that can.

At the time of writing, it can be viewed on UK Netflix so really theres no excuse not to see it!


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