Hi anyone reading this,

I’m Ben, I’m an English Literature grad from the Universtiy of Exeter and I’m currently doing an MA in Screen Acting at Drama Centre. Unsurprisingly, I’m also a huge huge fan of TV and Film and I tend to watch a lot of it, but often end up forgetting what I’ve watched by the end of the year. This blog is really just meant to act as a record of the things I’ve watched, I’ve tried this a few times but doing a degree where I was watchng at the very least 2 films a week for class and things on my own time, I’ve burnt out every time. So going forward I’m simplifying my approach and trying to just write a couple of sentences on each film I watch, instead of the 1000 or so word essays from before. I’d love to keep track of the TV I watch this year but I’m not going to prioritise it as I find it hard to gauge an entire season of content when watched on a weekly basis, broken up by other shows, but we’ll see.

So if you did find this blog by some chance, I hope you enjoy reading it, I’d readily welcome any comments, recommendations, criticism or whatever.